Rendell Vision Statement

To provide a safe, healthy and friendly environment that enables children to foster skills such as resilience and determination, encouraging them to become reflective learners who are confident to try new challenges and become passionate about learning throughout their lives. 

Our Rendell Rainbow Virtues were jointly created by the children, staff, Governors and parents.








These are the focus of our awards assemblies, where the children’s achievements, academic and non-academic are celebrated. The Rendell Rainbow Badge is an annual award for outstanding achievements in all virtues.  A Rainbow postcard is sent home so that achievements can be a joint celebration, children are awarded a Rainbow badge to wear on their school uniform and are added to our Rendell Rainbow in the hall.   

The Rendell Virtues are not only a focus for learning in the classroom, but they shape the whole ethos of the school. They foster the calm, caring and safe environment we strive for, to support children in effectively managing the normal stress of life.


The school behaviour system ensures a calm and safe environment. There are only three Diamond Rules for the children to remember:

Follow instructions with thought and care.

Show good manners at all times.

Care for everyone and everything.