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Welcome to our Pre-School


Across the Early Years, we endeavour to meet our children’s needs through a play based curriculum, which challenges, encourages and inspires the children every day. Active learning is embedded in what we do. Our aim is to provide enriching activities for children to develop their creative and critical thinking skills. We plan activities around the needs and interests of each unique child whilst working in partnership with parents/carers. We believe every child deserves the best start in life and support this to enable them to fulfil their potential.

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Meet Our Team


Miss J. Wilson

Pre-School Manager

Mrs U. Patel

Pre-school  Assistant

Mrs C. Ludlam

Pre-school  Assistant

Helping your child to settle in

When your child is due to start, you and your child will be invited to attend some settling in sessions. Our policy is to offer a minimum of two settling in sessions, these are usually shorter in length than their normal sessions. The first of these sessions provides the ideal opportunity for you to discuss your child’s routine, as well as time to ask any questions and share information about your child’s likes and dislikes. During this first session we provide you with a form called ‘All about Me’ which asks for important information about your child and your family. We hope that during the second session your child feels familiar with their new surroundings and that you feel confident to leave your child for a short while. 


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How we care for your child

Each child is provided with their own special peg where they can leave their bags from home and their coats.

 We ask that you provide the following (if required)

- Wipes (if required)

- Pull ups (if required)

- Sunhat and sun cream (in hot weather)

- Warm coat, hat and mittens (for cold weather)

- A pair of wellies and a ‘puddle suit’ for outdoor play. 

- Several Changes of clothes, including old clothes for messy play if you wish.


You will be informed when supplies of nappies or wipes are getting low.  

Our toileting and nappy changing policy is available on our main school website under School Policies.

Our Projects

Autumn 1 Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Autumn 2 Autumn 2 Spring 1

What makes me, me?

Traditional Tales

The Gruffalo 


One World Week



Lost and Found

Spring 1

Spring 1 

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 1

Summer 2

Unicef Week 




Growing in Spring


Going on Holiday 

Harry and the Dinosaurs: Go On Holiday: Reynolds, Adrian:  9780141375076: Books

STEM Week 


Jungle Jamboree


Fruit and Milk

We provide your child with a fruit snack mid- session. We like to encourage our children to try lots of different fruits. Please inform our Preschool staff if there are any foods which you would like your child to avoid, if they have any allergies or dietary requirements. 

Your child will need to bring a named water bottle for each session. If you wish for your child to have milk, our office staff will be happy to help you sign up for the ‘cool milk’ scheme.


School Uniform

At ‘Little Owls’ we encourage parents to provide their child with a Pre-School uniform. This allows the children to feel part of Rendell school and gives them a sense of belonging. ‘Little owls’ jumpers and polo-shirts can be purchased from Rosebuddies uniform suppliers in Loughborough.


Elmer - Our First Term at Little Owls

During the past few weeks, the children have been having lots of fun learning about the book Elmer. Elmer is a very cheeky elephant who has lots of adventures in a series of books written by David Mckee. The children have learnt lots of fun facts about elephants, such as where they live and how they use their trunks. They have created some beautiful artwork of elephants using paint and materials and have even made their own elephant food! There was also a SUPER safari role-play area set up in preschool where the children have acted in the roles of different animals.


Please use the following links for some super activity ideas for you and your child to enjoy together:

Tiny Happy People

Hungry Little Minds

100 Things To Do Indoors

Staying healthy

Please read the following information about ways to stay fit and healthy.

Health for Kids Looking after yourself kit

The following guidance and information has been provided by the National Literacy Trust.

'Time Together' provides some super ideas for how you can support your child over the coming months, before they start school in September and is available in several languages:





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