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Welcome to our Pre-School

Across the Early Years, we endeavour to meet our children’s needs through a play based curriculum, which challenges, encourages and inspires the children every day. Active learning is embedded in what we do. Our aim is to provide enriching activities for children to develop their creative and critical thinking skills. We plan activities around the needs and interests of each unique child whilst working in partnership with parents/carers. We believe every child deserves the best start in life and support this to enable them to fulfil their potential.

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Our Projects

The Pre-School's curiculum runs over a two year cycle. Each project is based upon an exciting book.

Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2

The Three Little Pigs


The Gruffalo



Lost and Found


The Enormous Turnip


The Little Red Hen

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

Goldilocks and The Three Bears


Room on the Broom 


A little bit of Winter


The Tiny Tadpole


Beside the Sea

The Tiger who came to Tea
The Tiger Who Came to Tea : Kerr, Judith, Kerr, Judith: Books

 The Enormous Turnip

Spring 2


In Spring, we are learning about a story called The Enormous Turnip. We will be investigating how plants, fruit and vegetables grow and exploring the changes in Spring. The children have an exciting role-play area set out as a farm shop. They have already begun learning about what food is made on a farm and where it comes from.  This week, the children have made some fantastic paintings by printing using real fruit and vegetables. Here are some pictures from our week. 


Lost and Found

Spring 1

This term, the children are learning about a book called 'Lost and Found' written by Oliver Jeffers. The story is all about a penguin who is lost and found by a boy on his doorstep. The children have really enjoyed drawing their own penguins and learning about Antartica, where penguins live. They have explored melting ice and designing their own house for Penguin to live in. 


Please use the following links for some super activity ideas for you and your child to enjoy together:

Tiny Happy People

Hungry Little Minds

100 Things To Do Indoors

Staying healthy

Please read the following information about ways to stay fit and healthy.

Health for Kids Looking after yourself kit

The following guidance and information has been provided by the National Literacy Trust.

'Time Together' provides some super ideas for how you can support your child over the coming months, before they start school in September and is available in several languages:





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