Curriculum Approach & Information

At Rendell our intent is to deliver a rich and engaging curriculum which instills a passion for innovation and creativity in our pupils.  We want our learners to become confident, articulate individuals who are well prepared for the next stage of their education.  Developing an awareness of self, our learners will also begin to understand their place and role in a global community.

Implementation will be achieved through the planning and delivery of a comprehensive project-based curriculum that has an overall thematic approach.  Individual subject specialisms will be taught within projects where it is appropriate, or will sometimes sit outside of projects, delivered as stand alone units where this is most appropriate .  We use Read, Write, Inc as our phonics scheme and teach English through the Novel Approach.  Power Maths is used as the basis for teaching mathematics across school.  Active and blended learning will be tools used to facilitate opportunities and build independence.  Learning will be enriched with a range of experiences through visits out of school or visitors coming in to school.  All projects will finish with exhibitions where pupils can share and showcase their learning in a range of ways that build on skills and knowledge.   

We will use Voice 21 to drive oracy across the curriculum as the main vehicle to build confident articulate children. There will be opportunities for pupils to engage in a range of  STEM based activities to open their minds to innovation and creativity, reflecting the strengths of Loughborough as a town.   

Pupil voice will drive the provision for a range of opportunities for children to engage in extra-curricular activities and action groups such as School MPs and Restorative Justice.  Being a rich multicultural school, we will weave opportunities for global citizenship with a particular focus on UNICEF’s 17 Global Goals.  Rendell’s Rainbow Virtues will be used as the vehicle to foster character development and this will sit alongside the use of personal conferencing through our PJ Time (Personal Journey) to develop self awareness as a learner and develop meta-cognition. 

We will assess the impact of our curriculum through standards achieved in national tests demonstrating outcomes above average for all pupils and at least in line with average for disadvantaged pupils.  Children will have the skills and knowledge to transfer to the next stage of learning.  Pupils will have positive attitudes and behavior, enjoy coming to school and be proud of the contributions they make and their own achievements.

You can find out more about our curriculum by looking at the class pages on our website or by arranging a meeting to come in to school and talk to a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

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